Signed largest agreement ever in Sweden . It is regarding new technology of newspapers for visually impaired.

Tore Simensen is appointed Chairman of Polar Print Holding.

ISO 9001/ISO 14001 is awarded Polar Print Försäljning AB and Bojo AS.

New version of Polar Print Admin system implemented in all three countries.

Project to analyse pictures

PTS (Post och telestyrelsen) has asked us to make a system to assist blind persons to analyse pictures taken with a cellular phone. The picture is sent to a translation center and the low vision person get a text back explaining the picture. A prototype has been evaluated by a small test group from the north of Sweden with positive response.


Polar Print is a patner in an EU-project in the program "Leonardo da Vinci" called "Pro-Guide". The Swedish-finnish school for adults in Haparanda is head of the project. The projects goal is to create a manual for how a working place for a sound technichan, musican or producer with problems to see should be equipped and adapted. Papenmeier from Germany is also a partner in the project. Webpage:

In Norway BoJo AS provide help with web page adaptation for companies and authorities to make thier websites accessible for a larger number of people, so called talking web pages!

In Finland a transition to talking book players for CD's in Daisy format has begun. Within three years all talking book readers will have new equipment.

Rabbe Saxén is employed as General Manager for Näköpiste Polar Print Oy.

The consolidated group's turnover increased from SEK 31 to 57 million for fiscal 2003, with a Net Before Tax of SEK 3 million.

The transition of talking books from tape to Daisy format on cd has advanced rapidly in Sweden during the year, it has also begun in Norway and preparations have started in Finland. Talking book players have become an important part of our activities.

Towards the end of the year the remaining 75% of Bo Jo Tveter is purchased, the company is now a fully owned subsidiary.

Inger Syk is employed as General Manager for Polar Print Holding AB, Tore Simensen as General Manager for Bo Jo Tveter AS, and Staffan Syk as General Manager for Polar Print Försäljning AB.

The remaining 5 % of Polar Print Försäljning AB is purchased.

In the summer of 2000 Polar Print Holding AB was established, taking over all assets and liabilities of Gandalf Fastigheter AB.

During the autumn, 95% of Polar Print Försäljning AB in Sweden was purchased and 25% of Bo Jo Tveter AS in Norway.

Näköpiste Polar Print Oy is established in Finland.

Bo Jo Tveter AS is established in Norway.

Gandalf Fastigheter AB is established with the intention of owning and administrating real estate.

Polar Print Försäljning AB is established in Sweden.